The answers to the most popular questions we receive are below. If you have a question which we haven't covered, please don't hesitate to get in touch via live chat (bottom left hand corner) or via email: customersupport@woodyoven.com - we typically respond to most queries with in 24 hours.

The Woody Oven can easily handle pizzas with a diameter of up to 12 inches.

The Woody is capable of reaching temperatures up to: 500°C (950°F) in just 15 minutes.

The Woody is made primarily from high quality food grade brushed stainless steel. The stone is cordierite and the main body is black powder coated aluminium.

The Woody Oven has a weight of 12.5 kilograms (kg).

Rest assured, all Woody Ovens are covered by a generous 3-year warranty. This warranty ensures that any parts not meeting our stringent standards will be taken care of.

Find a comprehensive guide on cleaning and maintaining your pizza oven here: Cleaning & Maintaining My Pizza Oven

Yes, we offer a range of spare and replacement parts, with most of them conveniently available here: Spare Parts

Each Woody Oven arrives as a complete kit, inclusive of the oven itself, the stone, a peel, and a carry-cover. For further details, please visit our product page: Woody Oven Kit

You can purchase the Woody Oven directly from our website or via Amazon. We also have stockists for Woody Ovens that you can locate using our store locator.

After making a purchase, you'll receive a confirmation email. Once your order is processed and dispatched, you will receive tracking details. You can access this information on our carrier's website, most commonly through DPD.

We offer shipping to all locations within the United Kingdom and United States and most destinations within the EU through Amazon.

The Woody Oven and its associated accessories, bundled together as a 'kit,' will arrive in a single package. However, additional accessories such as pellets and peels will be shipped separately for your convenience.

The Woody Oven features various handle sizes for distinct components. The hopper has the smallest handle, the fuel tray includes a solid handle that cannot be disassembled, and the door handle is equipped with two brass-coloured screws, allowing it to be threaded through the door for secure and convenient operation.

The absence of a vent on the chimney is a result of our most recent product development decisions. We have intentionally removed the vent from the design for several reasons and it has been updated in our newest ovens. It's important to note that while there are still some instructions circulating that may show a vent, this change is an intentional product upgrade designed to enhance the overall safety and performance of the Woody Oven.

To ensure a snug fit for the cover and to protect all the components of your Woody Oven, follow these simple steps when your oven is completely cool. Start by placing the fuel tray inside the oven. Ensure it is securely positioned. Carefully remove the hopper. Turn the oven door around and place it handle first back inside the door slot. Unscrew the chimney and place this inside the provided case. This also fits neatly inside your oven body. With the components in these positions, the cover will fit perfectly over your oven, providing comprehensive protection by housing all parts within the oven body.

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